Sunday, April 27, 2008

Movie Musings

Have any of you seen the movie, V for Vendetta? I just watched it for the second time last night and I must say it made some very interesting observations about life, society, the nature of man, etc. I actually sat with pen and paper and jotted down some points that particularly moved me.

A fantasy of sorts, the story takes place some time in the future in a totalitarian England. Personal freedoms had basically been removed. The main character, known only as “V,” has basically one thing in mind.

Having been used a “lab rat” and being scarred from head to toe so that he must wear a mask at all times, he is consumed with a passion for vengeance. But interestingly, his need for vengeance is accompanied by the need for a return to truth, justice, freedom … and a reawakening in the minds of the people that the ability to reclaim their power is within their reach.

These are some of the ideas that made the greatest impact on me:

“Fairness, Justice and Freedom – are more than mere words – rather they are perspectives…”

“Artists use lies to tell the truth …Politicians use them to cover it up.”

“You wear a mask for so long --- you forget who you were beneath it.”

 “A revolution without dancing, is a revolution not worth having.”

I’d really love to hear what you have to say!


Tracey Tarrant said...

I like the one about wearing a mask. Sometimes I do forget who I am and I have to remember to remove the mask and be true to myself.

loveambassador said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will add a link to your blogg and would love a link back. I like the mask quote too. I remember Ram Dass once said I will pretend you are who you are pretending to be if you will continue to pretend I am who I am pretending to be. We all are so much more that our mask. Have a wonderful week.