Sunday, April 6, 2008

She's BA-A-ACK !!

I heard a lot of talk yesterday about blogging and decided that perhaps it was time for me to begin to blog again. I was actually able to find my old blog and was shocked to see that my last entry was made in July 2006. Time sure flies--whether you're having any fun or not! And I notice that as the chronological years pile up, the time seems to speed up accordingly.

When I first began the blog back in 2006, it was to compliment my radio show The Empower Hour. I guess when the show ended, so did the blog. Now, I'm feeling called to resurrect my blogging, as I recently did with my newsletter. Unlike the first blog that was primarily focused on the radio show and its guests, this new blog will be more general and will offer you the opportunity to explore new perspectives, new ideas, new behaviors.

heARTmatters is a concept that has always stirred up my passions ... and inspired me to want to share. Maybe, yet another reason, to begin blogging again?

I received an email this morning that made me stop and ponder what the writer had to say. Then, of course, I wanted to share what was on my mind.

It began with a quote by British novelist, Iris Murdoch, "One of the secrets to a happy life is continuous small treats." The author went on to emphasize the importance of those small acts of pleasure we give to ourselves, that can add so much to our everyday lives.

(I know this is definitely NOT what she had in mind but I just couldn't pass this one up!)

Often costing little or no money, these seemingly simple and/or funny actions, can soothe the heart, calm the mind and add joy to your day. Remember ... Pleasure is good for the soul!

When was the last time you remembered to take care of your soul? And I'm not talking about religion here, so going to church doesn't count. What I am talking about here is real Soul-Care ...

See if you can make a list of your favorite joys and pleasures. If you have trouble thinking of things, it only means that it's been way too long since you last gave yourself any Soul Food. More next time . . .


Tracey Tarrant said...

Welcome back Miss Susan! One of my favorite things to do for my soul is to share my Forget Me Nots. I love knowing that my quotes are helping others to smile, live better and make it through the day.

(you can sign up for your Forget Me Nots at my website,

Coach Kimberly said...

Congratulations Susan! It is good to see you blogging again and reaching out to the creative community. One way I feed my soul is by reading inspirational or self-help books. I enjoy reading and learning. It is very relaxing for me. I also enjoy playing meditation cds.