Sunday, April 13, 2008

Work at Play

"Work at learning to have fun..." - - Melody Beattie

Is it me or that not the most oxymoronic statement you've ever read? Work at learning to have fun?? Oxymoronic or not, I'm very sad to say that for many of us, it's definitely rings true!

I can remember back in the days when I was teaching and leading Artist's Way groups, participants often seemed to have a much harder time with their Artist's Dates (solo adventures purely for FUN) than they did with their Morning Pages (daily writing of 3 free-flow pages.) Interesting, huh?

So interesting in fact, that it motivated me to create a guidebook of ways to have more creative, Play-filled Life. The result: Play or Pay: 77 Ways to Have FUN or Suffer the Consequences and End Up Paying the Price. 

We've all heard the phrase "Guilty Pleasures." Another oxymoron? Or are we just ingrained to feel guilty about doing those very things that actually are good for us??

For too many people, martyrdom trumps self-care. 'Doing unto others' has been taken to it's extreme. And the Self (or is it the Soul?) gets left by the wayside ... neglected ... Starving, if you will.

I've read that as a culture we are "spiritually starved." What do you think? Beattie suggests that, "Nurtured, nourished people, who love themselves and care for themselves are the delight of the Universe." Your comments are appreciated.

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