Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Current Status

Just a quick post to announce that today is Day 21 of my Facebook journey and I'm at 196 friends!!

Found an old notebook earlier today and it had a bunch of entries from March 2005 and then again later in the year in October. The March entries all had to do with the up-coming release of my book Play or Pay. Lots of thoughts and ideas around branding and marketing.

The later entries had to do with the Law of Attraction, and that was way before The Secret came out! I had made a number of lists. What I wanted to see in my life, What I wanted to be eliminated from my life, Long-term goals, Short-term goals, Ideal Client, etc.

The one thing I find most interesting that the #1 item on the Long-term goals list was that I would move back to New Jersey (my home state) by June 1, 2006. As it turned out the date was on-the-money but the state was not. I arrived in Georgia on June 1, 2006?!? Go figure?

Truth be told, most of the other Long-term goals are still in progress - - but what I can clearly see right now is that the one item that I made specific with a date - - came to pass on that exact date. And believe me when I tell you, when I made that declaration about moving on October 23, 2005, it was no more a reality to me than walking on the moon.

Just goes to show the creative power that all of us truly possess. I think I'm going to turn my Long-term goals into Short-term goals - - or at the very least speed up my time frame. I will keep you posted on my successes!

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