Sunday, June 15, 2008

heARTmatters - - The Group

Back on May 9, I wrote a post that I entitled The Artist Within. In it, I mentioned a woman I had recently connected with on Facebook. Her name is Sheryl Brown and she is an artist and marriage and family therapist. Anyway, as the result of our connection, I displayed my artwork for the first time ... to the whole entire world. 

Well, now Sheryl has been kind enough to blog about me in her most recent post that she entitled heARTmatters. You can read that post at Sheryl was also one of the first people to sign up to my new group on Facebook that I have also entitled (what else?) heARTmatters - - Reclaim Your Creative Power.

I created the group only 1 week ago ... last Saturday night to be exact and get this ... we now have 131 members!!! I am absolutely blown away by the response. I'm getting incredibly positive feedback on the idea and energy.

One member, Steven Zimmerman, posted 3 of his photographs and that gave me the idea to invite all of the members to post their work ... To create a heART gallery. Now, only a week later we have a total of 13 pieces in our gallery. One of our members, Karen Gabel posted 3 pieces to the gallery. She shared that she had gotten away from doing her art and now was feeling "inspired by all of you to get back to it!"

I want to share one more thing that I thought was really funny ... in response to something Steven Zimmerman had said about not being a poet or artist ... I responded with the statement that there is alot more hidden within us that doesn't always reach the light of day. Steven's response that that was, "As to creativity, yes there is a lot that doesn't see the light, or sadly, 'till its too late ... But being from Jersey (he didn't even realize that I was from NJ) ... You know that's why God made Jesus a carpenter ... to build the closets we hide our true feelings in."

I don't know if you have to be from New Jersey, but I thought that was hilarious!! Anyway, that's where things are at the moment - - Check out the heARTmatters group You don't have to be signed up with Facebook to visit - - only if you want to join!!

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