Sunday, July 27, 2008

Physician Heal Thyself

(“The phrase alludes to the readiness and ability of physicians to heal sickness in others while sometimes not being able or willing to heal themselves,” also to “Attend to one's own faults, in preference to pointing out the faults of others.”) - - Google

This phrase came to mind this morning as I was journaling. It was followed by “Walk the Walk – Don’t Just Talk the Talk.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I must admit that following my own guidance or “Walking the Walk” as they say, can often be extremely challenging for me. I think it primarily has to do with discipline and bad habits more than anything else.

Case in point: My creative flow has been sluggish recently. And that makes me feel extremely embarrassed since I consider myself to be an expert in matters pertaining to all things creative.

And then I heard the phrase “Physician Heal Thyself” and I realized that if I were coaching someone else in this situation, I would point out that at times like these ... when the well has run dry ... the stream has been over-fished .... it needs to be re-stocked.

There are many ways to accomplish this but the important thing to realize is that we cannot just fish - fish - fish or create - create - create or work - work - work without allowing the time necessary to restock ... restore ... regenerate.

And that could look like going on an adventure ... or exploring someplace where you’ve never been ... or doing something to stimulate the senses ... the list is really endless.

Bottom line, as always, as I stopped trying to force the issue and began to relax into and accept the moment ... Voila` ... the words began to flow and here’s the result!

How about you?


Catherine Behan said...

Hi Susan,

Boy, this post hits home. Many of my friends in the healing arts have the hardest time finding their own care givers!

I, for one, am just beginning to trust other women with my heart. To be able to be open without fearing the information will somehow be used against me is uncharted territory for me.

As I do trust the women in my life more deeply, I am finding the loving care that is helping me soar into my new life!

Walking the walk IS all that it is cracked up to be!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Topic Susan
Inertia I sometimes refer to my stumps, blocks and stumps and when I am still long enough I usually receive a message and answer as to the why of my situation. NO it does not always appear as I would like to however I know and feel it is for the highest good. For me it is about telling myself the truth on all levels including the physical as well as honoring who I am. Then there are times when nothing moves and it seems to be such a struggle even to do the most mundane thing that is a strong indicator I need to replenish myself feed my soul and just be.
Great talking with you yesterday

Sheryl Brown said...

Susan, Catherine, and "anonymous" Lisa - well said! hear, hear!

The "r" words - replenish, restock, recreate, rejuvenate, they all apply here, for sure!

Sometimes when our well has run dry, we only need a small nudge to be re-directed!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Looking up my own post with the same title via Google Blogsearch I found your nice and interesting piece. The quoted phrase applies to everyone in a healing, nurturing or mentoring role!

Tuck, The Rebel Belle said...

Hi Susan, I once spent almost an entire summer literally swinging on a swing in my backyard...every day....pondering...reading...being in nature..

For an enormously passionate, intense and energetic person, it was quite challenging at first, and ultimately quite powerful.

Shortly after my "swing time"...The Rebel Belle was born.

Jerrico Usher said...

I was linked to this page from my hubpages Hub:

and I come to the conclusion that it also has alot to do with your being emotionally attached to your problem and being the human being we are this means we do rationalize away things instead of being critical about what we should do.

When we tell others what to do we have no such attachment and thus can give unfiltered advice from the knowledge base of your brain.

What I've found works best is I write a hub/article pretending that my problem is someone elses and I write the article to advise them, this is easy since I know that others will read and relate to it so I focus on facts not my own involvement and later read my hub a few days after it's published and voila I get the best advice untainted by my own involvement.

I call this Hub Mirror and I plan to write a hub on this next :)