Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Pursuit of Bliss

Back in June, I found a woman online who talked about creating Bliss Books. What they are is a type of scrapbook where you put all kinds of things that represent your joys, hopes, wishes, accomplishments, acknowledgements ... in other words ... your Bliss!

More than just a creative expression, these books serve another purpose, as well. At those times when self-esteem gets shakey or your energy is off, you can pull out your Bliss Book and be reminded of just how wonderful you are!

All of a sudden, it dawned on me that without realizing it, I had made several of these kinds of books over the past few years. I just never had a name for them.

For me, they included my writing, drawing and coloring, quotes, photos, collage, keepsakes, and more. When I go back and flip through them (as I did just the other day) a sense of pride and accomplishment comes over me.

So I bought a new scrapbook and began collecting things I want to include. It took until just last Sunday for me to begin designing and pasting - - and I now have about 6 completed pages and 5 or 6 more that are ready to be glued down.

Why not give one a try? There's no doubt in my mind that you'll have a lot of fun creating it and a real sense of satisfaction when it's complete. Keep me posted!

Celebrate Your Magic!

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Catherine Behan said...

Hi Susan,

I love this post. When my new hubby and I started dating, I began a three ring binder for us. I created sections for Fine Dining Ideas, House Ideas, Concerts, Run Away Weekend Ideas and Travel Ideas.

I printed pictures of us and superimposed them on the various pages. Plus, I got some scrap booking stickers to embellish them.

One of the pictures was of two lounge chairs on the beach at Sandals. I put "Larry" on one of the chairs and "Catherine" on the other.

Well we did got to Sandals for Christmas in 2006 and we are going to Italy in three weeks.

Both of those were in my travel section.

Ah Bliss!!! I love calling it a bliss book!

It is fun to dream and 'see' ourselves in the places we want to experience!