Sunday, August 3, 2008

Journal Power

I discovered the power of journaling in 1996. With only a few interruptions, I have been journaling daily ever since. Journaling serves many purposes and has numerous beneficial aspects. First and foremost, it provides the opportunity for personal and private self-expression. Whatever is placed upon the page is between the individual and the page. There are no outside opinions or judgements or criticism to have to contend with.

Journaling can be a ‘dumping ground’ for anger, worries, and fears. It can also be a ‘blank slate’ for declaring hopes, wishes and dreams. The simple act of putting thoughts and ideas on paper, in and of itself, provides clarity and a new perspective.

Over time, journaling becomes the conduit between the individual and their Higher Self - - between the self and the Self - - and as such, can be seen as a form of meditation. Creative ideas, answers to questions and inspiration often accompany the process of journaling.

Bottom line, the mere act of getting feelings out of ourselves and onto paper is a healing act. When the notebook or papers are then shut and put aside, we gain a certain distance from those troublesome feelings and their power to negatively impact our lives is minimized.


Catherine Behan said...

Hi Susan,

I love this post. I remember years ago, I realized that journaling is like Miracle Gro for my spirit.

I have played with many different writing ideas in my journaling and here are two of my favorites:

1. I read a book called Proprioceptive Writing and while I don't remember the authors names, I do love their idea. Journaling with baroque music. There is something deeply resonant with this music and it does create some interesting thoughts. I love to use Yo Yo Ma's Cello Suites.

2. I like to write with both hands (not at the same time!) :-) I allow my non dominant hand to speak for a part of myself I am investigating. For example, I use my dominant hand for asking the question and the non dominant one to answer. RH What is troubling you today? LH (the part of me that is perfectionistic about my art) answers.

Notice how slowly you write with your nondominant hand and also notice whether or not you have self criticism about your immature hand writing.

Good stuff for inner alignment!

Tap tap tap!

Dynamicarthouse said...

Great Post Susan,
I have been journaling for years.
Remember the diaries well I use to have one I still have the majority of journals since I was 14 years.
For me it is another avenue to connect with my Angels and divinity as well as a form of therapy givng voice to the unseen. Automatic writing is such a great tool as we leave the ego at the door so much can be revealed within a short amount time when we allow it. For anyone looking for some great inspirational journals I 6 different designs on my website
Have an inspiring day

SunraySheryl said...

Wow, Susan, congrats on being the first to be featured on Catherine Behan's Adopt-A-Blog!

This post may not look like the topic to comment on, but it all begins with journaling, anyhow, right!?