Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Creative Life

I've recently gotten into the habit of listening to Bob Edwards’ Weekend on public radio every Sunday from 12 - 2 pm. Typically, he interviews authors for the first hour and various other creative types in the second hour. Two weeks ago, his guest was Paul from Peter, Paul and Mary and today it was Joan Baez.

The point was made that Baez is celebrating her 5th decade as a singer. That reminded me of something that I have thought about for long time. It has always struck me as particularly curious that people who spend their lives in the entertainment business or any other creative field seem to continue to do what they do ... express what they have to express ... until they leave this world.

So different from the masses who work until they can retire. Or amass enough money to NOT have to work.

Not so with artists, actors, musicians - - Maybe it has something to do with Soul Satisfaction? When we express and live as the creative SELF we truly are, our Souls are full-filled, joyous and at One with All-That-Is. And isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?


SunraySheryl said...

Absolutely! To be doing what is one's passion and reason for being here energizes a person - there's no need to "retire."

Elizabeth Gordon said...

Yes. It comes more naturally to those in artistic fields, but when you find that which really represents sharing your heart with the world you look at it less as work and more as just sharing your soul, and why would you want to stop doing that ever? If more people in less artsy industries could find this link, imagine how much happier we could be as a society.