Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Dawning of New Life

In celebration of the arrival of my first grandchild, Jaylynn Rose Schanerman on Sunday, October 19, 2008 I've decided to post this article which I wrote back in 1996.

Yesterday my friend Susie gave birth to her first child ... a 6 lb. 7 oz. beautiful, baby girl. I just had a long conversation with her getting all the details of the labor, birth, etc ... and as I got off the phone, I began “musing” about the wonder of it all.

Is there any experience we know of or could even imagine that comes close to the mystery, awe and wonder of birth? I can’t think of one.

From the conception ... the merging of male and female energies ... to gestation ... growth ... maturation ... to labor ... and finally, birth. Nothing less than an out-and-out miracle.

The act of creation is and always has been. PERIOD. From beginning to end ... the process has its own timing ... its own “knowing” ... Just like Susie was saying about when it was time for her to push ... it was just time for her to push ... she just knew ...

Somehow these thoughts about a new birth and the incredible wonder of it all led my mind to contemplate the similarities with the process of creativity, in general. Conceiving of an idea ... allowing it time to gestate ... mature ... going through a labor period and then voila ... giving birth ... and seeing the idea in its physical form. A thrilling experience for me, without a doubt.

But what I am coming to understand is that any act of creativity, like creation itself, has its own timing, wisdom, “knowing” ... and for me, I am coming to realize that the more I allow myself to “go with the flow” of the process ... to trust it ... the more creative I actually become.


maury Brooks said...

brilliant and beautiful.. Thank you Susan.


SunraySheryl said...

Let me echo that, Susan - any act of creativity has its own timing - so good to remember that simple truth! I love your writing style - so elegant.

I have a 24" by 36" painting started, and I think it wants to sit awhile at this one stage and let me soak it in!! It will be ready in its own timing.

Congrats in a big way for your first and new granddaughter!

Catherine Behan said...

Lovely Susan!

I am stepping into a new realm of creativity as I once again go through some awesome coaching that is putting my insides aright with my outsides.

Wholeness is to creativity what roots are to a tree.

The freedom with which I can now express my water color ability is exhiliarating (I used to be so perfectionistic, I would stress how to spell that!).

Creativity is the perfect barometer to your emotional well being.

If you are stuck....find a coach!