Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's All In The Seeking

I recently quoted one of my all-time favorite authors Melody Beattie in her book 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact ... Meditations for Connecting with God, Self & Others I am currently on Week 45 for my 3rd go-around. Each week has a value and the value for this week is Perserverence, but for some unknown reason, I was guided to go back to Week 1. There, she talks about life as a Quest, Treasure Hunt, Process, Pilgrimage ... She quotes Ken Blanchard, "The only thing that will keep you going is a huge amount of faith and trust in the journey." 

This brought to mind something I wrote years ago. (I have no idea why these flashbacks are happening more and more often but maybe it's a signal that it's finally time to reveal more pieces of my Self???) 
The piece is part of a collection I call CELEBRATIONS OF WONDER and is entitled "IT'S ALL IN THE SEEKING". It began with a quote from Unity's Daily Word from Nov. 5, 1996.

                   “As I seek to know more of You, my soul is nurtured...” 

We’re so caught up in our culture in results ... achievement ... goals ... the finish line ... "getting there" ... 

And yet, if one were to be absolutely, totally, completely honest ... achieving a long sought-after goal ... "getting there" ... finally grabbing that gold ring 

seems to hold momentary pleasure at best. More often than not, there is actually an experience of emptiness .... a let down feeling ... a sense of "is that all there is" ... 

"How could that be? And why would it possibly be that way?" you might ask. Because the true satisfaction, joy and WONDER must come in the process ... the journey ... the seeking.

In my personal quest to find God ... I am continually fraught with frustration because I feel like I don’t seem to ever "get there” ... although I am ever seeking. (And where is There, anyway?) Then I think "well, maybe that’s just the way life is." And maybe if we ever really did "get there" there would no longer be any purpose in continuing on.

But then, what about all these people who recount "near death" experiences? They are on their way out and yet come back to all this. Somewhat confusing to me but it guess it goes back to the seeking thing.

And if I am absolutely honest, I have certainly had my own "there" moments ... as I assume most people have. And thank god, I've been able to recognize them for what they were ...

To me those "there" moments are the celebrations of wonder ...
circumstances and situations that lift us out of our limited, petty selves and connect us with the magnitude and magnificence of the unity of all.

But greedy (and human) that I am ... I want more than occasional moments ... I say I want them all of the time ... but then maybe it would become an "O.D." thing ... like too much rich food ... it would just become too much and we would totally lose perspective.

I guess the bottom line is an awareness that it truly is "all in the seeking" ... coupled with an acute awareness of the magnificence of those wondrous moments that can so easily be missed if we are too caught up in the gold rings.

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