Sunday, July 7, 2013

Synchronicity At Play

In the old television show the A-Team, Hannibal Smith’s famous phrase was “I love it when a plan comes together.” (The film of the A-Team just happened to be on TV last night.) #1

My variation on that idea is, “I love it when synchronicities are clearly apparent.”

Case in point:

Two days ago, I watched a 1985 special by acclaimed documentary film maker Ken Burns about the Statue of Liberty. I don’t think I had ever seen it before and it was really fascinating. It began with the first inklings of the idea, then through the planning stages, construction phases, packaging, shipping, and the final assembly. Did you know that she was almost lost at sea? The ship carrying her was hit by a violent storm and she almost never made it?

There were a number of interviews with immigrants and their families. It was very moving to hear the reaction of these people when they saw Lady Liberty for the first time.

Mario Cuomo, Governor of New York (1983 – 1994,) talked about his mother’s arrival. His father had preceded the family and had gotten a job digging ditches in New Jersey. The mother and children came with nothing. When asked about her hopes for her new life in America, she stated, “I don’t want much. All I want is for one of my sons to become Governor of New York.” #2

I can’t remember the context but he made the statement, “The further we get away from our essence, the more trouble we get in.” I knew I had to write that down. And as I did a phrase popped into my head, “Revere and honor your essence for it alone can set you free.”

I knew it was a line from one of the poems I had written in the early 1980s. I ran to my studio, searched the shelves and found it without much trouble. To me, that was a clear example of synchronicity … Cuomo talks about our Essence and I remember a poem I had written referring to our Essence. #3

But it doesn’t stop there. Yesterday, I wrote a blog post that not only referred to our Essence, but also referred to my poetry written so long ago. So, within less than a 12 hour period, I write about our Essence and refer to my poetry … then someone on TV (filmed in 1985!) refers to our Essence, and I remember a particular poem in which I spoke about our Essence! #4

And lest we not forget the A-Team and Mrs. Cuomo ... In any event, here's the referred to poem. Previously, unnamed I just entitled it ...

SWEET STRANGER                                        

Trickling and tinkling 
like the facets of a crystal 
you emit emotions as varied
as the colors of the rainbow 

Intense and impassioned with life
your energy soars to its source
sprinkling love, faith and honesty
behind like fairy-dust

Oh, sweet stranger
how truly beautiful is the soul of man

how loving                                                         
how innocent and pure
underneath the terror
of fear and pain so easily encountered

Revere and honor your Essence
for it alone can set you free

I’m not really sure that I have any particular point here … other than the fact that when I become aware of things like these … I take note … and am often compelled to write about it. I am then reminded that Divine Order is always at play … even when it’s not so obvious!

©Susan Schanerman 2013

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