Friday, July 5, 2013

The Times They Are A-Changing - - Or Not?

Originally written in May 2008.

I have to admit something here and say that from as early as I can remember, BUSINESS was an entity completely removed from anything, that in any way, was the slightest bit personal. My father was (and still is) very, very old school with the belief system of “The world is a jungle,” “Business is a ‘dog-eat-dog’ situation,” “They’re all animals out there.” Get the picture?

So, when I ended up getting both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in psychology, from the family perspective, it quickly became obvious that my knowledge and understanding had no place in the World of Business.

Fast forward - - Even today, I have to admit that I'm still a little surprised every time I see a Business-related article that has to do with what I would have considered the personal side of things.

The thing that seems particularly crazy to me now, is that Business certainly is, and always has been, made up of people, and anything that has to do with people has to have its personal side. How could/can it be looked at in any other way?

I just read an article that was describing the shift that is taking place in the Business World, away from the “Hard Skills” to the “Soft Skill”side of things. 

I read another article in AOL Coaches espousing “The Power of Nice.” And the thing that prompted me to write on this particular theme was an article that I just read in Corporate Logo, The Voice of the Promotional Products Industry entitled “The Powers of Belief and Expectation.”

I guess the bottom-line for me is that I’m happy to see things moving in the direction they are. More awareness ... More openness ... Better balance. And I can see huge opportunity for me to fit in with what I know.

Somehow it makes me think of a statement made by Henry Ford, “Businessmen go down with their businesses because they like the old way so well they cannot bring themselves to change.”


Dale Calder said...

Like you Susan I am also very pleased to see things moving in the direction that they are.

The shifting trend to a participative way in which we operate our businesses is all for the better and the 'softer' way of doing business is being dictated to by the folk that the businesses are looking to serve.

Your posts are very insightful and thought provoking. Thank you.

Julie Anderson said...

Hi Susan - You're post provided a nice summary of how the world is changing.

I seem to be espousing this viewpoint oft these days, and to my surprise still meet huge amounts of resistance!

I'll be very interested to see how my 10 yo runs his businesses when the time comes (not that it is far away :o) ).

We've just decided to home educate and see this very much as a symptom of the same shift in ideology - whereby we accept our lives incorporate many different aspects. We've simply stopped believing we need to be in a different location, in a different uniform, with a different identity for each of them.

Great posts!