Sunday, November 24, 2013

All the World's A-Dancin'

It seems like I'm definitely not alone in being obsessed with Dancing. 

I just came across this picture in MSN's Must See November photos.

11/24/13  Photographer Valtteri Mulkahainen just happened upon this sight while traveling through the Finnish countryside. As he described it "A family of baby brown bears appears to be dancing to 'Ring  Around the Rosie' as their mother relaxes behind a nearby tree ... The two young males and one female bear, all just a few months old, gathered in a circle, clutched each other's hands, and began to dance.

Mulkakainen called the experience "a magical moment" and went on to say that he felt like he "had wandered into a 'magic forest in a fairytale.'"

See ... there must be something hard-wired into all of God's living creatures that instinctively knows the unbridled Joy that Dancing provides. And why is that, you may ask?

As I see it ... there is nothing in this world that so fully ... so richly expresses the Celebration that Life truly is ...
  • Joy
  • Energy
  • Upliftment 
  • Delight
  • FUN

This little video is a perfect example of how Dance can set in motion a cascade of Spontaneity ... Infectiousness and FUN!!!!  I couldn't get the smile off my face so I wanted to share it with all of you ...


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