Monday, November 18, 2013

Forever Free - Introduction

I've written any number of times before on the idea of synchronicity ... You know, those times when all of the 'tumblers seem to click into place" ... Well, it's happening for me right now ...

I wrote for 90 days for the 90-day Blogging Challenge I accepted as part of my participation in the Empower Network. Every day I would post a link to that day's post on my Fan Page & Profile on Facebook. Somewhere around Nov. 10  which happened to be my 90th day ... I discovered that all of the posts on Facebook after October had DISAPPEARED !!!

I was aggravated but I decide to come back to Blogger. 


The reason for this explanation and what it has to do with Synchronicity is this ... among those posts that disappeared from Facebook were three posts I wrote that I entitled "Forever Free." 

Then yesterday, as part of the 21-day Meditation Experience I'm doing with (Deepak) Chopra and Oprah (that's a little funny I made up) the theme of the day was Freedom ... and the thought for the day "I Am Free."

Then this morning, I read the Daily Word (from Unity) as I do almost every day and again the message was about Freedom ... "Freedom is Mine, and I Claim it Now ... My God-given freedom is intrinsic to who I am. Right now I claim my freedom, making my life all I want it to be."

At times like these, I get a strong sense that this is one of the ways the Universe speaks to me ... to us. I've been asking ... praying for clarity ... and this is what is resulting. 

So, what I've decided to do is re-post those three articles here ... as individual posts. I hope you enjoy them ... Let me know ...

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