Thursday, November 21, 2013

Depression, heART and a New Understanding

I had all good intentions (you know what they say about good intentions, don't you?) of writing today about Decision-Making, Persistence, Patience ... something "Rich with Information and Packed with Value" ... in other words ... Boring !!

Can we all agree that nothing ever does happen by accident? OK ... so I was just checking out my MSN Home Page and I spied this headline ...Artist Uses Comics to Fight Depression ...  

"Popular blogger Allie Brosh shares about how her "Hyperbole and a Half" comics are therapeutic for her and the thousand of fans who follow her who also suffer from depression."

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Great video ... Great story ... Great example of not only the healing power of art/creativity but equally as much the Healing Power of Authenticity ... 

It's my firm belief that people today are Starving for Authenticity and this story is a perfect example of that ... Everyone just wants to know they're Not Alone ... That someone else has felt the way they do ...

I relate on a very deep level to every bit of this story ... From the artist part to the blogger part to the depression part. I know how it feels to have only a handful of people reading what I have to say ... and wanting to make a greater impact.

I know the frustration of not earning a living at what I love to do ... I know about disappearing for long stretches of time. (Take a look at her Blog Archives compared to mine ... similar pattern, don't you think?) 

2009 - - 79                                   
2010 - - 78                                     
2011 - -  5                                   
2012 - -  0                                    
2013 - -  3                                    
2008 - - 26
2009 - -  2
2010 - -  0
2011 - -  5
2012 - - 11
2013 - - 18 +  91 posts for Empower Network blog.


I know about being totally embarrassed when asked "And what do you do?" I know how it feels to think one is unemployable ...

But I'll tell you this ... when someone ... anyone ... has the courage to step out ... (or is it step up?) ... the way is made just a teeny, tiny bit easier for those who follow. Sort of like Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile. 

Or as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it:

"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, will never go back to it's original dimensions."

I don't draw comics but I do draw Doodles and heART people and off-the-wall collages (that I love.) Be sure to visit heARTmattersAndMore to see all of my heARTwork. Why do I capitalize ART? That's another story for another day ...

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