Thursday, November 14, 2013

What Moves You?

I don’t remember how or where I discovered Idea Champions but I know it was years ago. They describe themselves as:

a consulting and training company dedicated to awakening and nurturing the spirit of innovation. We help individuals, teams and entire organizations tap into their innate ability to create, develop and implement ideas that make a difference.”

Their blog The Heart ofInnovation is always rich with inspiration and a constant flow of meaningful content. Topics can range from:

John Cleese on Creativity to

10 Reasons Why Creative People Work in Cafes to

20 Reasons Why Many People Get Their Best Ideas in the Shower ... 

They do a lot of lists … and I love them … Short, sweet and to the point !!

I discovered the video I previously posted “What is Innovation?” on their site ... I realized after I published the post that I had not given the appropriate credit to Idea Champions. I apologize for that.

Today I’m posting another video I found on The Heart of Innovation … It’s called “On Being Moved.” There’s no explanation as to why this guy is dancing but he’s obviously totally into it!

The only thing The Heart of Innovation had to say about it was:

Apparently, this guy just completed Idea Champions' newly launched online brainstorm facilitation training. Guess he liked it ...”

You all know by now that I’m crazy about dancing and the many ways it can act as a metaphor for life.  I’m also crazy about quotes … Here are some quotes from the Greats … the Legends in the Art of Dance …

Dance is the song of the body. Either of joy or of pain.” - - Martha Graham

Dancing is magical. Somehow life tastes better when I dance.” - - Rudolph Nureyev

To dance is to live. Dance the way I dance and you will live to 100.” - - Isadora Duncan

Dancing is my gift and my life … God gave me this gift to bring delight to others. I am haunted by the need to dance. It is the purest expression of every emotion, earthly and spiritual. It is happiness.” - - Anna Pavlova

I can’t find an author for this one but it is one of my all-time favorites:

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.”

What moves you? What would it take for you to move like the guy in the video? Let me know ...

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