Sunday, December 1, 2013

All the World's A-Dancin' - - Part 2

I was going to begin today to do a month long Spiritual Celebration ... with reflections on Faith, Love, Peace ... more about Joy and then looking at the Twelve Powers, or Gifts from God, that reside within each and every one of us.

Well, I still plan to do that but I just had to share this follow-up to my post from last Sunday, 11.24.13 about the young fan and the famous dancing usher who went into a spontaneous Dance-off at a recent Detroit Piston's game. In the inimitable style of the Cyberworld, the video has gone viral with more than 2 million hits on Youtube and Good Morning America picked up on the story.

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You know, it just dawned on me ... DUH ... that writing about Dance might just be THE MOST extraordinarily perfect example of a Spiritual Celebration ...

I just found a list of 65 quotes on Dance/Dancing in Psychology Today ... you can click on the link to see them ... 

But it's always my tendency to quote someone else ... thinking what they have to say is better or more important that what I have to say. So, I've decided to make up some of my own ... Let me know what you think ...

"Dance is the music of your heART put into motion." - - Susan Schanerman

"Dance your dreams into reality." - - Susan Schanerman

"Dancing is the Universe celebrating Itself." - - Susan Schanerman

"Dance is a Celebration of the Divine."  - - Susan Schanerman

"Dancing is always a Joyous Celebration."  - - Susan Schanerman

"Even if my legs ain't movin' ...  I'm dancin' in my heART."  - - Susan Schanerman

Now that I'm on a roll, I could go on and on but I think that's enough for now ... So. I'll leave you with this ... one of my all-time favorites ... 

"I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance." - - Friedrich Nietzsche

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