Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celebrations of Wonder 10

All God's Creatures Great and Small

Have you ever stopped to Wonder about the vast number of creatures God has created in the world?

I can remember a time when I went to a small local zoo with my grown son. This particular place always held fond memories for us because he and I used to go there many years before and shared some very special times … at a point in our lives when things were far from desirable in many ways.

Even for a small zoo, this place had an amazingly wide variety of species of animals. And we had a Wonder-Filled time … bringing back, for me at least … those special feelings that one gets when they recreate a pleasant experience from the past.

Several days later … I was doing some inspirational reading, as I do every morning. The particular piece that sparked my creative juices happened to be about Christmas … and it talked about how we are all Gifts of God … and how the Gifts God gives are good and perfect Gifts … and how God has made no two of them alike.

This somehow drew my mind into thinking about the enormity of all of God’s kingdoms … way beyond the extent and diversity of humankind … What about the animal kingdom? How many different species are there? And what about the plant kingdom? And how interesting it is to Wonder how and why so many varieties exist?

Each and every type unique … special … and necessary!! Can you imagine a carrot any more important than a pea? 

Or an elephant any more special than a wombat? 
So why do we as humans have such a difficult time honoring the uniqueness … the specialness … the necessity … of each and every one of us? The richness of the diversity alone is certainly an ever-present reason for celebration.

But far be it for me to even speculate an answer to such a grandiose question … in my mind, however, it certainly gives me the cause and opportunity to Wonder. 

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