Monday, December 23, 2013

Celebrations of Wonder 16

I've never considered myself much of a fiction writer, but every now and then I get in a "flow" of sorts and out pops a story. The following is one such Wonder -Full example ...

The Littlest Christmas Tree

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little tree that lived all alone on the top of a big hill. Now, he had not always lived there alone. There used to be lots of other trees just like him on the hill but from time to time big men would come along with big axes and chop down the bigger trees and take them away. 

So that now, the little tree was all by himself up on top of that hill and he was very lonely. 

He did have a beautiful view of the valley from his hilltop and from that position he could see lots of other trees of all kinds. There were so many trees in the valley that it seemed as if the valley were covered with a huge green blanket. 

It was really quite lovely to see, but it made the little tree feel very sad and even lonelier to see all of those other trees together and then to look around and see that he was all alone.

One day a big man came along and approached the little tree. The little tree did not know what to think. The man took his big ax and chopped the little tree down and then gently lifted him into the back of a big truck. 

They rode for a while and finally stopped. The little tree was again lifted gently and carried into the man’s house.

Inside the house, there was much activity and excitement. There were people running all around, especially little people not much different in size than the little tree himself. 

The big man set up the little tree in the middle of a big room and everyone gathered around him and began to put beautiful ornaments and trinkets all over his branches. They circled him ‘round and ‘round with tiny little lights but the very best part was the beautiful angel that they set on the top of his head. 
Then they started putting lots of gaily wrapped packages underneath his lowest branches. The little tree had become the most important part of the room. He felt very special. 

He realized that he had totally forgotten about his hill and feeling sad and lonely. He started to think that maybe this was what had happened to all of the other trees that had been taken away from the hilltop.

There was lots of music and laughter and merriment all around the tree now and he felt very happy ... a feeling he had never felt before. He began to realize that he was not like all of those other trees in the valley. 

He and the other trees from the hilltop were different. They all had a very special purpose. They were Christmas trees and it was their job to bring joy and happiness to families at Christmas time ... and to help families celebrate a very special feeling ... the special feeling of Wonder.

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