Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celebrations of Wonder 2

1996 - The Year of Wonder    
from Lazarus 

Success, from the material to the etheric, can always be within your touch and within your grasp as long as you do not lose sight of your love and celebration ... as long as you do not lose your sense of heart and spirit. 
In the breathless hush of beauty ... in the stilled reverie ... you can find an indescribable whisper that can only be called Wonder. 
Wonder can be the new cause that manifests the achievements and accomplishments you have always desired. 
Wonder can be the wordless miracle that can open you to new achievements and accomplishments you have not yet imagined." 


Like many people, perhaps most, I have the tendency to get caught up in the circumstances of the day. Sometimes, as hard as I may try to stay present ... be in the moment ... remember to be grateful, etc., etc., ... the allure of situations and circumstances is great. So I fumble and stumble and life seems to become overshadowed with a senseless mediocrity.

But then, in a flash, the perspective can change ... and a gentle breeze ... a butterfly ... a rainbow, a baby ... can catch my attention and the situations/ circumstances that had just moments before consumed me in their ugly grasp ... disappear ... and as if they had never even existed, all that remains is the breeze or butterfly or rainbow and the Wonder of that precious moment.

In that moment something truly happens ... its almost chemical ... (or maybe it is chemical?) and our bodies relax, our minds are at peace, our hearts open, our spirits take wing and we know what joy is all about.

"But that’s all just happenstance," you might say. "LIFE has a much more powerful grasp than a butterfly." "Not so," I say.

But it will take retraining and practice (lots and lots of practice in most cases) to learn to shift the focus from outside-in to inside-out.

Once the balance is shifted, our perspective is so altered that the pull of the “circumstances” becomes weaker and weaker and the “Wonder”- filled moments become more and more frequent.

Now, I’m not saying that this won’t take some work ... diligence ... persistence ... but the results are well worth whatever it takes.

Life becomes more and more a blessing ... and each and every moment can truly become a celebration of Wonder. 


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