Sunday, December 8, 2013

Celebrations of Wonder 5


It still never ceases to amaze me how if we are open … and willing … we will always get the answers to our own inner questions.

Case in point …

As I was doing my morning writing today, I found myself contemplating the life circumstances I presently find myself in … and then reflecting on how things look so similar now to how they were 10-15 years ago … (all this seems to have been compounded by the fact that I came in contact with no less than 5 people yesterday who had been active participants in that life gone by.)

So I’m questioning the Divine Powers (pleading is probably more accurate) … Where am I going? What am I to do? What steps do I need to take? etc.,etc. … with the underlying fear that maybe I’m slipping back to how crazy things used to be (and I used to be) and maybe, even after all these years ... I may not have made the progress I think I have … 

The next thing I do is open up a book to read the inspirational thought for the day and this is what I found:

Keep on doing the things that you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, and the God of peace will be with you.”

--Phillippians 4:9

Now even before I read the message … while I was still asking my questions … in the back of my mind or in my heart … or wherever it is that we hear that inner voice … what I was hearing was “Be patient … Have faith … TRUST … One step at a time … One day at a time … Keep on, keeping on … All will be revealed at the perfect moment … All is well … “

Nothing that I hadn’t heard before, but obviously needed to hear again. And then I open my book and the written message confirmed my own inner one.

Now this is not to say that it’s easy to have Faith and Trust and Patience … much less Peace … especially when it LOOKS like nothing is happening. But what else is there to do? The alternative … frantically trying to find and/or force solutions ... has never worked in the past …

Life is such a mystery sometimes … and definitely filled with a sense of Wonder if we allow ourselves to look at it that way.

I guess the moral of the story is … the bottom line, if you will … that it’s really all about AcceptancePeace and Love, Faith and HopeKeeping on, Keeping on … and to remember to always regard life with a sense of Wonder ... PERIOD … Nothing more … Nothing less.

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Schon Beechler said...

I recently read a poem (which I can't remember the title to or the poet's name) but the gist was that life is not a journey but a walk in the garden. We enter and exit by the same gate and the things we see look new but it is only because our eyes are seeing the garden's landscape differently.... something to contemplate (and enjoy).

Susan Schanerman said...

Thank you Schon - I loved your comment. I am always drawn to quotes, articles ... anything that uses a garden as an analogy for life!!

Lea Frueh said...

myself right now.

Often feeling so lost, lonely (even with people around me, mentors with me and God always on my side), sad and impatient. As you, I am also looking back lately a lot, to the last 10-15 years and too often thinking I should be further by now, instead of being in grace and gratitude where I am today.

Criticizing myself over and over, being the biggest judge of myself.

I like the comment from Schon about the garden it resonates with me and we too often forget the beauty of this garden we are walking in and the gift which was given to us to experience as a soul the human being. Having all this we should dance and sing on a daily base watch the beautiful surrounding around us.

Through education, genes, history, media and so much more (not mentioned as an excuse), we forgot why we are really here and we wake up these days, one person at a time and feel ourselves even more in darkness, overwhelmed about life and almost want to give up on it, instead of going into the light which is always waiting for us, just one step at the time in front of us.

Lea Frueh said...

sorry there was something deleted

Dear Susan,
what wonderful words you wrote this morning, I think you were guided to write this words as they are so full of wisdom, truth, reminders and so much more. 
Thank you for that

Words I needed to hear just now this very morning, this very day.
As I can agree to all you have written down and to all I feel myself right now.

Lea Frueh said...

I am watching for 4 hours already the farewell of Mandela and feel God, the Divine as I haven’t felt for a long time, or better to say not allowing to feel because of the energy I surrounded myself. Tears are running down my cheeks, tears of peace and grace and gratitude and love about him Mandela, God, the Divine, the gift to live at this time. When Obama spoke I was even in more tears and compassion and being reminded that we are guided, that we are not alone, or better to say we ARE ONE

We were guided to welcome, have and celebrate a Mandela in our life, we were guided to have our first black US President and whenever I remind myself of how far we have come I am in awe, grace and gratitude and in the knowledge we would have never been able to do this alone.

Obviously I wouldn’t be human if my mind would jump in and say, so tell me and where are you, look what you complain about and look where this men and women of the world came from and went through.

But this very morning because of your words, because of the farewell and the words of the leaders of the world at this ceremony, I say STOP, no more. As much as we are all ONE as well we are individuals which come from different backgrounds and have our battle with our strongest critic our mind and our thoughts.

Whenever this happens instead of cristicize us, me even more, holding still, breathe and tell yourself all is well, we are exactly where we supposed to be. As more we practice, love, peace, forgiveness, understanding and compassion for ourselves as faster we can heal, grow, walk our walk.

I, myself or the first time in my life are confronted with outside circumstances (or better let myself think so) which is called money and work. Things which honestly are not important in my walk of purpose, passion, dream, but we are trained that way and money has become a very important topic instead of vehicle. So I guess these days I have to learn to trust, surrender and have faith and concentrate even more what is more important in life.

Being reminded over and over again this morning that 27years of prison didn’t make Mandela bitter, bitter about life, bitter about the people who put him there and I watch myself and realize the lesson, the big lesson for me here, not being in a prison from outside circumstances but perhaps put in prison myself over the last 30-40 years. And even with the awakening a couple of years ago I still keep myself still too often there because it feels familiar and the pain I am so much used to feels still more comforting (even so it is hard to commit) as the love and joy which is waiting outside.

I realized today that it is MY WALK HOME and it is up to me if it will be full of love, joy, peace, compassion, fun and laughter compared with grace and gratitude.

I am not alone on this walk and the divine is always at my side if I allow him to be so and he gives me the signs I am asking for even so I still often doubt them, but this morning it was loud and clear.

So thanks again for your wonderful reminder. May you be blessed, lots of love, joy and compassion from me to you. I am so glad that more and more dare to speak up, speak about their doubts, fear, reflections and how they handle it, instead of putting on the brave face.

Here again through Internet we received help from the thing which is us and bigger than us and will always provide us with what we need most. Through internet we got closer and speak up.