Monday, December 9, 2013

Celebrations of Wonder 6


"For every man, the world is as fresh as it was the first day, and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see them."
- - Aldous Huxley 

I injured my foot last week and am presently in a short leg cast … and as a result I can’t shower or even immerse in the tub. The best I can do is sit on a chair in the tub with the casted leg hung over the side and drip water over whatever part of my body I can ... without getting the cast wet. And I won't even do that unless someone else is around … for fear of another fall … And it's definitely not as often as I’d like.

What I’m trying to say here is that getting whatever little bit of my body wet and lathered that I can … never felt so delicious and refreshing as it does now. Who ever paid that much attention to a shower or bath before?

Or being taken out of the house today for the first time in five days and feeling the warm breeze and sunshine on my face. What a glorious feeling!!!

Do we have to lose something before we can appreciate its value, beauty and Wonder? I would hope not but it certainly does seem to be the case much of the time.

I guess it all goes back to the gratitude thing …To try to remember to be grateful for the simple things … the simple pleasures. Oh, I know how easy it is to overlook those things … I do it myself all the time. 

But let me tell you from my first-hand, experience ... life is really pretty shitty without those simple basics that we all so easily take for granted.

It’s all about perspective … it’s all about remembering … to celebrate the Wonder of it all.

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