Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celebrations of Wonder 8

Sanibel  Part 2
Feb. 2, 1992

Shell collecting is a truly profound spiritual experience for me. Now, I'm sure that different people have different experiences that they find deeply moving or profound ... 
But, it just amazes me how every time I have ever walked along the shore on the Sanibel beach (not just any beach mind you) and looked at the shells and stooped over to pick up the ones that catch my eye … I am overwhelmed by the magnitude and timelessness of God and life and this planet we call home.

And all this profundity sparked by a silly, little thing like a seashell. Maybe, they’re not such silly, little things after all. 

I’m always astounded by the vast numbers of shell species and their variation in size, shape, form and color. Some are fresh from the sea and others have been on the shore for a long time. Some are being carried in by the tide and others are being carried out by the tide.

And who knows where these particular shells on the southwest shore of Florida originated? They could be from the other side of the world for all we know. 

And then the thought comes to mind that at some point in time, these shells were actually the home of a living creature. And when that phase of their existence ended, they moved into another phase and became a shell. 

And what’s more is that over thousands or maybe millions of years, the shells become the very ground we walk upon … especially in a place like Sanibel or anyplace in the whole state of Florida for that matter.

So here I am, taking a leisurely stroll along the shore and I start to pick up a few shells and WHAM, I have a whole perspective of evolution laid out before me. The Wonder of Life never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you God for the opportunity to realize your magnitude and magnificence … to feel your presence in the form of a simple shell … in simplicity, period. Thank you for the never-ending opportunities to celebrate the Wonder ...

The challenge then, of course, becomes how to carry this simplicity … this awareness … this experience of God back to civilization … to the frantic pace of life that most of us live … the desperate struggle to survive … to get ahead … to succeed … How do we merge these two?? A difficult task perhaps … but not impossible.

I know that for me, it’s simple to be simple when surrounded by simplicity. And much more difficult to be simple when not. 

How, then does one become simple when in the midst of confusion and chaos?

Like any other aspect of the quest to live a more enriching, fulfilling, spiritually-oriented life … I guess one has to begin with ever-increasing awareness … then small, gradual steps toward simplifying … and a dash of discipline thrown in … ultimately achieving a greater and greater sense of balance ... along with a side of Wonder ...

I Wonder what you think?

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Susie Murray said...

Susan, thank you for coming by and sharing your blog post of Sanibel with me. Your photos are beautiful and yes, Sanibel is an island unto itself, a beautiful place to relax and enjoy God's perfect creation.