Saturday, January 4, 2014

Are You a Character?

I've been down with a cold or sinus infection since last Sunday ... That in combination with the fact that it's been really cold and gray for days has gotten me into a major Funk. 

I don't even have the energy to draw or paint or even write which usually can cure whatever ails me. So I've decided to post a Rerun of what I thought was a very cool article from last summer. Let me know what you think ...

Characters Welcome
USA Network has been using a theme called Characters Welcome for a number of years. It may have started with the fact that the lead characters on some their hit shows were quirky to say the least, and definitely unique characters!

Initially, they had a Show Us Your Character Contest, asking basically “What makes you a character? What sets you apart from the crowd?”

Ranging anywhere from the Naked Cowboy who walks around Times Square wearing only his cowboy hat, boots, guitar and jockey shorts … to the Mexican Elvis … to the man who races lawnmowers … the characters were in abundance!! People from all over the US entered the contest vying for the title of America‘s Most Unique Character!

I’m A Character Because …
I think the thing that really got me thinking (and my creative juices flowing) was when each character contestant ended their video and stated “I’m a Character Because …” The answers all had the same basic “flavor” … “Because I march to my own beat … Because I’m not afraid to be myself … Because I said so!”

And that got me thinking about the fact that we all indeed do have our own unique character … unlike any other … like fingerprints or DNA.

I bet you didn’t know that the word Character can be traced back to the Latin, meaning engraving instrument and before that to the Greek, meaning to engrave

It’s not until the 5th definition that we get to the quality or attribute aspect of the word. Before that, the definitions have to do with marks or symbols or codes.

So, if we each possess this distinctive mark or quality … this unique character … why is it that so many people spend so much time and so much energy hiding those very qualities that make them most unique?
Are You A Character?
What about you? What makes you a character? Is it your sense of humor? Or your curiosity? Or your creativity? And maybe more importantly, do you share it freely or do you keep it hidden?

USA Network declares itself to be “not only a place where characters live, but where characters come alive.” They set the stage, if you will, to honor the uniqueness of each individual. This theme and contest were actually quite powerful because in declaring There’s a Character in All of Us, they were pointing out and encouraging each of us to be proud of who we are!!

Curiously enough, I also saw a quote today from Gloria Steinem, which said, “Self-esteem isn’t everything; it’s just that there’s nothing without it.” 

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