Monday, January 6, 2014

Blue Monday? Not!

I know we’ve all heard things along the lines of:

The mind is a fertile garden
Be vigilant in pulling out the weeds of negativity
Tend your garden with love and watch the beauty blossom
So, having said that ... somehow I was amused by a news and video clip I saw earlier entitled “Blue Monday - Why Today is the Most Depressing Day of the Year.”

I don’t really know why I felt amused because the truth is that the “News” it’s spewing is actually very dangerous.

Why dangerous? Because we have such fertile minds … and for most people hearing that today has been declared the most depressing day of the year could immediately throw them into the pits of despair, even if they weren’t there in the first place.

In 2005, after taking into consideration weather conditions, debt levels and failed New Year resolutions, an academic declared the first Monday after the New Year as the most depressing day of the year ... or Blue Monday

Another study concluded that “Blue Monday” had the lowest score on the Happiness Index.  And in reviewing 2 million Tweets over a 3 year period it was determined that on Blue Monday guilt levels were 5 times higher than normal because of failed resolutions … “basically we’re all bummed.” 

If all that’s not enough, today is also reportedly Divorce Monday with the highest number of divorces being filed (from a British website where filings are actually made.)

Maybe my amusement was only to ward off my actual horror … Negativity is always so readily available. We only have to look to history to see how many times the consciousness of the masses has been swayed … and controlled. 

So only 6 days into the new year .. to be told that people are already depressed by broken resolutions … heavy debt and getting back to work is a disheartening commentary indeed. 

So … lets’ make a conscious effort … not only today on Blue Monday … but every day … To remember Our Gardens … That we and only we are the Gardeners and that we must tend them with loving care … Planting only those seeds that will produce the most beautiful blossoms!



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