Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Can And Cannot

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” – - Richard Bach, Illusions

I first read Illusions 25+ years ago and the theme is not a new one … as a matter of fact, I’ve written about it before ... but for whatever reason, it called to me again today.

It’s odd to me how often people lose perspective on who they really are and what they can and cannot do … that they find it so much easier to accept ideas about their limitations … (which may or may not even have any basis in fact) ... And then to make things worse, they focus on and expand endless energy on those limitations.

 So … what do they end up with? A lot of CAN'Ts … a lot of In-Abilities … and usually a lot of lack and a lot of misery. As silly and simple as it may sound … sometimes with just the smallest shift in perspective … the whole world can change.

The truth is there are probably many more things you CAN do than you ever realized. And chances are ... you probably take them for granted or overlook them and focus instead on the CANNOTS.

Think about this … What if you ONLY focused on what you CAN do … as opposed to what you Cannot? Do you know what the real truth is?

The real truth is that Anyone can do Anything. They might need a little bit of help (and most people find it extremely difficult to ask for help) but even the most successful and accomplished people in the whole world Do Not Do It Alone.

No one is exempt. The idea of a Brain Trust became commonplace referring to the close group of experts surrounding the then presidential candidate Franklin Roosevelt in 1932. He continued to rely on his advisors for shaping policy throughout his presidency. 

Great athletes have always had coaches … so why not anyone or everyone else? Other than the rare and unique individual, most people need to be mentored and guided to reach their highest and most exceptional levels of achievement.

Just like a laser beam has incredible power because of its pin-point focus …so we must train (or retrain) ourselves to focus our thinking on our CANS … with that same kind of intensity.

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