Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Speaking Without Words

I'm going to be completely honest here and admit that I'm beginning to find it a challenge to come up with new, fresh themes/ideas for my blog posts. 

First, let me qualify that statement ... I began a 90-day Blog Post Challenge ... 90 posts in 90 days in August ... And I've been posting "almost" daily since I completed the 90 ... that totals another 50 posts. So, the real truth is I've done close to 150 blog posts in five months!! 

Having said that ... there's still a part of me that feels guilty, that at this stage in my creative career I should still get stumped for ideas. I'm also embarrassed to not only be revealing this part of myself publically, but the mere fact that I'm actually in this kind of position.
"The Gift of Creativity" Collage by Susan Schanerman
But the absolute truth is this ... Life is just like that. Peaks and valleys. Creative abundance and dry spells. Night and day. Yin and yang. And maybe the most important thing that I can share with you is that not only is it natural and part of the process of living any kind of life (much less a creative one) but it's also perfectly OK. And that can often be the most difficult part to accept ... that the "less than ideal" parts are OK, too. 

It's human indeed, to relish and enjoy and accept and celebrate the parts of life that we deem good. It's also equally as human, to want to reject or deny or resist or change that which we do not think is good ... or acceptable ... just not the way we want things to be.
More than 25 years ago, I learned a very simple phrase which I can never completely ignore (although I may choose to forget it.) 

"That which we resist, persists." The real irony here is that only by accepting what is ... exactly the way it is ... right here, right now ... can we actually move on.
Case in point:

So I've been struggling for awhile now to come up with new ideas for the blog. As I was writing in my journal yesterday morning, the following came to mind: 

"Maybe I need to just sit in front of the blank screen of the computer and wait? Or maybe I need to turn away from words and just Play (I was going to use the word Work, but I changed my mind) with my scrapbook."
Like an article in Alternative Medicine Magazine said,

"Art can get to or access places that words cannot ... and nonverbal expression can more easily bypass the internal critic," especially if the "art" is just pure expression with no thought attached.  

So it dawned on me that perhaps I needed to simply set the stage ... Lay out all of my supplies, light a candle and some incense, put on some special music, close my eyes, take some deep breaths and then just begin.
"A New Look on Life" Collage by Susan Schanerman
Basically, that is what I did yesterday. I worked for hours cutting, pasting, gluing, creating. And the only reason I stopped when I did, was that I ran out of glue! 

So here I am today, having accomplished that which I had struggled with for too long and bottom-line ... the simple truth ... was that all I really needed to do was Acknowledge ... Accept ... Let Go and Take Action. 

It really does not need to be as difficult as we make it.

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