Monday, January 13, 2014

The Truth About Freedom

In keeping with the post a few days ago on Decisions … I thought this article was an appropriate follow-up … 

The word Empower has been a long time favorite of mine. I just found an old journal of mine from 2005 and in it I was brainstorming about a creating a program that I wanted to call M-Power-U. That never got off the ground but I did develop and host my own online radio show that I called The Empower Hour from February – July 2006.

I also created a blog to accompany the show that I also called The Empower Hour. I described it as: Tips & Quips; Notes & Quotes; Information & Inspiration … all aimed at assisting you in achieving a life filled with ever-increasing joy, creativity, authenticity and Empowerment!

I recently did a Guided Meditation. We were asked to remember times in our past when we felt confident, self-assured and empowered. Then we were asked "What is your True Purpose?'

Now, I’ve only been asking myself that question forever. With no conscious thought on my part, the word Freedom jumped into my mind and was followed by the image of a bird with wings outstretched soaring in the sky.

Then yesterday, I was hunting around through some of my old writings and came upon the following. It was written in 2006. Seems more than apropos, wouldn’t you say? 

What is Freedom anyway?

True Freedom… does not come without responsibility. I bring this Freedom into expression by taking responsibility for what I think, say and do.” - – Author Unknown

As I read the line, I felt inspired to write and share …

What came to mind was the idea that Freedom goes hand-in-hand with the idea of Choice (and Decisions) and they both directly relate to the idea of ResponsibilityPersonal Responsibility. And all of these factors, are integral to the idea of Empowerment.

In the simplest terms, Empowerment is about Choice, the willingness to accept the responsibility for our Choices, and the personal experience of Freedom that comes with the knowledge that we (and only we) are responsible for all of the Choices and Decisions in our lives. 

What often gets to be a “sticky” point for most of us (and I include myself here) is the knowledge that even when the results we see in our lives are not what we would have consciously chosen … on some level we are responsible for them anyway.

In those cases, the most Empowering thing to do is to:

1) look for the opportunity to either give or receive a blessing in the experience and/or

2) look for the strength that is most often hidden within the challenge.

It’s like the silver lining in the cloud or the rainbow after the storm … if you look for the gifts, you will always find them …

And then you go ahead and make another Decision

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