Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Food For Thought?

It seems like I have always been fascinated by the unusual. Maybe it’s just one of the ways that my creative spirit seeks out companionship? 

Lately, I've been finding an ever-increasing number of people who express their creativity in what I would consider 'totally and completely mind-blowing ways' ... and when I see these things, I feel compelled to share them. If you’ve been following my posts, especially in recent weeks, then you know what I mean. 

Case in Point

For quite some time, I have been receiving Google Alerts in several categories … among them Doodles and Doodle Art. On Monday, there was a link to just one more example of an artist who has pole-vaulted out of the creative box.

Referred to as an “alternative artist,” 65 year old Victor Nunes, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, combines “Doodles” with a variety of household items. "I've always played with images of food and other objects," says Nunes.
Beginning with common objects like scissors, fabric, nuts and food items, Nunes then doodles around the items to create extraordinary works of art. 

In February 2013, he started posting the images on his personal Facebook page, “as an expression of pure enjoyment ... 

 Every day I do something, for me, it is a kind of therapy ... I have no preference for materials - I regard everything as a challenge but I try simple and easy things to find like coffee, dish cloths, floor cloths and food ... 

 I always seek more challenges to create art and use common things to create the unusual.” 


Writer’s note: On an even lighter note ... A unique benefit of this particular art form is that at the end of the day you can clean up with a snack!! 

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