Monday, February 10, 2014

Must-See February 2014

In keeping with what has now become a monthly ritual, here are the Must-See photos for February. The second I saw the first photo of "The Vegetable Musician" I knew this was a "Must" for me to share. 

I've seen instruments made from recycled trash before but this is definitely a first for me ...

Be sure to check out tomorrow's post ... an interesting Synchronicity is "simmering." 


"Feb. 10, 2014: Austrian musician Matthias Meinharter, a member of the Vegetable Orchestra, poses with a musical instrument made from vegetables in Haguenau, France, on Jan. 15. The Vegetable Orchestra plays music with instruments made of vegetables — from carrot recorders to leek violins. Created in 1998 based in Vienna, Austria, its members include artists with a wide range of backgrounds, from musicians to designers. The orchestra crafts instruments before every performance & the off-cuts are used to cook a soup that is dished out to the audience after the show."


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