Friday, February 28, 2014

One Inspiration Begets Another

Last week I posted about the Worldwide Phenomenon inspired by Pharrell Williams' song "Happy."
Now, in the hopes of inspiring support for Ukranian protesters, Polish filmmakers Gosia Molska and Leszek Molski have taken Pharrell's 'Brain Child' a step further. They've created a music video that contrasts joyful moments with the brutal reality of what's been happening in Kiev.
From YouTube - Published on Feb 8, 2014
"We spend the early 2014 together with the protesters in Kyiv on the Maidan barricades. During those emotional days we were shooting a film inspired by the 'Happy' video by Pharrell Williams.

But can Ukraine say it‚ 'Happy' today?  What do Ukrainians need to feel happy?

Watch our video
." Gosia and Leszek from Poland.

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