Friday, February 14, 2014

Rainbow Light

Recently, I've been on a crusade to clean out and clear out the vast numbers of notebooks and folders I have gathered over the years. I feel like I've been drowning in piles of papers for weeks now ... but I'm pleased to say that I am beginning to see some headway being made. 

Almost more important than what I'm eliminating is the fact that I'm taking work I've done over the years and am finally making some organizational sense of it all ... on top of that I'm finding some things that I had completely forgotten about ...

Case in Point:

I was sifting through a pile of papers last night and came upon this poem that I really don't remember ... it's dated 2006 and had no title ... it just had Rainbow Poem handwritten across the top of the page ...
Since I posted about rainbows last week (Divine Expressions 2/8/14) I figured this would be an appropriate P.S.

There is no rainbow
when the sun shines bright
there is no rainbow 
in the dark of night

The rainbow of man
can only be seen
in the gray and the shadows
the betwixt and between

Magnificent and varied
every color and shade
the totality of Life
never to fade

Rainbow wo/man
honor your Light
your shadows and darkness
all part of delight

Be all you can be
as great as you might
remember all colors
come out of the Light

© Susan Schanerman 2014

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