Friday, March 21, 2014

Color Your World With Love

Last week (Tuesday, 3/11) I wrote a post entitled "When Words Fail."  Well, I'm feeling that way again ... sort of ... maybe it's more like so many thoughts and ideas are racing around my mind, I can't seem to settle down and focus on just one.

So, I'll share the most recent Doodle I've completed. The black and white drawing was among those I shared last week ... but now the color has been added. 
I said that the working title was DoodleAPrayer ... but then I wasn't really sure about that ... Then I thought about God Loves Me ... or maybe Gratitude Prayer.

The qualities or values I selected (or maybe they selected Me?) are the things I feel are critical for a rich and wondrous life ...

Don't you find it amazing how much difference Color makes? How it brings things to Life! It's like before it was Dead and now it's Alive ... Vibrant ... Surging with Energy and Emotion.

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