Monday, March 31, 2014

Fruit Of The Vine

I was about to declare that spring had finally arrived but decided to check the 10-day forecast first ... lo and behold ... the temperatures will be in the 70's all of this week but by the end of next week they'll drop again into the 50's ... 

For the time being the sun is out and temps are mild so I decided to focus on Spring and share something I wrote a long time ago ... it's not specifically about Spring but seemed apropos anyway ...

I really have no clue when it was written ... what I do know is it's never been shared publicly ... and it felt that the time had come ...Spring Has Sprung ...

  Once upon a time, all God’s creatures

Human and not

Were like a medley of fruits

On the vines of God’s outstretched embrace.

One day, as part of some oddly Divine plan

The fruits fell off the vines

And sank into a strange amnesia

Of who they were and where they had come from.

While each and every variety

Was luscious and delectable on its own merits

They strained for a sense of superiority

One over the other.

God sat back and watched

At first mildly amused but

Gradually becoming dismayed

And then disgusted.

The situation had gotten completely out of hand.

Free will was not exactly working

In the Divine Right Order as anticipated.

Self will was running wild.

At first, God was at a loss as to what to do

Until one day, God turned to that which

God knows best to do.

He brought the rains, which turned into floods

Which gathered all the fruits together

Into one great mixture.

Then the baking sun warmed the mixture

And the cold wind cooled it back down.

What remained was a delicious nectar

Of all the individual fruits

One indistinguishable from the other

But each adding to the richness and

Uniqueness of the mixture.

God was pleased.  All was one again.

And it was good!

© Susan Schanerman 2014

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