Saturday, March 1, 2014

If They Only Knew

Twin Attack On Polio Workers Kills 12, Wounds 9 in Jamrud, Pakistan

As a firm believer in the premise that "What we think about expands" I do my very best to avoid the news ... but once in a while something catches my attention that I just can't ignore. This is one of those times ... and now 

I'm on a rant!

As someone who knows first-hand the ravages and devastation this disease can leave in its wake, I'm appalled ... and disgusted ... Attacking polio vaccination teams????

Killing due to local propaganda against a vaccine? Denying a proven means of saving lives and avoiding the crippling effects of a horrible disease ... that typically impacts children? 

I came up with the title "If They Only Knew" ... but I wonder "Would that really even matter?"
I am sickened by the depths to which humanity can go... 


PESHAWAR, Pakistan - At least 12 security officials were killed and nine others injured in an attack Saturday as they escorted polio vaccinations teams in the Jamrud area of the Khyber tribal region ...
Polio workers have been facing serious security problems from militants and religious extremists in Pakistan due to local propaganda against the vaccine.

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