Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Back To The Garden - Part 1

I’ve been sitting with “something” entitled Back to the Garden for a long, long time. I’m embarrassed to admit it could be going on 30 years … but when I look back it seems more like many lifetimes ago. 

I’d like to say I was just ahead of my time (which might be true in part) but maybe it would be more accurate to say I was just “ahead of myself” … The bottom line, I think, was that I just wasn’t ready ...

As indicated, the following was written almost 11 years ago … Part of me feels guilty to be putting out writing done so many years ago … but the truth is that when it was written I had no way to share it … and now I do.

The ideas are timeless ...

Back to the Garden July 19, 2003
For several days now I must admit that there has been a gnawing feeling inside me that I must get back to work on Back to the Garden. Today is also a day of note ... Nine years ago on this day at 11 something in the evening my mother made her transition from this world.

I did some reading today from Marianne Williamson's book Illuminata … I read the Prayer for the Dead and then a Prayer for Myself. It was a bit long but it spoke to my heart and soul … isn't that what prayers do?

Enough of that, now Back to the Garden. I don't really know how long ago it was that this title came to me. It's got to be close to 20 years anyway. I do know that the seed germinated from study of the Course in Miracles, particularly the part about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve.

As I see it, Adam and Eve simply fell asleep to the truth … Not the way it's always been explained or understood … No one did anything wrong … It was not a matter of disobeying God and being expelled from Paradise … It was simply a sleep or forgetting descending so that the Truth was obscured and Illusion then took over.

What I want to take a look at now is the idea of how often the symbol or analogy of the Garden is used to explain the spiritual journey or the search for faith. It has always struck me as fascinating how the image of a seed is used to symbolize Inherent Potential … Like the idea that an apple seed holds the potential of the apple … The acorn the oak … The tomato seed the tomato, etc. …

But then so does Man hold the seed of the Great, Divine, Holy Being he truly is. Somehow, as humans we have totally lost sight of this fact … maybe because we don't have many ready examples of Man as a Divine Being to use as a model.

And so, perhaps this is where the idea of Back to the Garden fits in ... As a reminder of the Truth. We certainly never doubt that the apple seed will become the Apple, so why have we forgotten the true potential that lies within each and every one of us?

Part of the reason that I have struggled with this seedling of an idea that I call Back to the Garden is that I told myself that I didn’t know where to take the idea. I didn’t have a story that could reflect this basic premise.

I've told a number of people about the idea, asked for their help, but nothing transpired. Years have gone by and perhaps the underlying truth has been that I did not have enough faith or belief in myself ? Well, you know what, all that not good enough stuff is getting really old!! I am really sick and tired of being sick and tired.

As I was reading some of the introductory sections of Illuminata, the realization once more dawned on me that all any writer is really doing is expressing what is in their minds and hearts. And I suppose the only difference in someone being published and recognized for their own unique brand of wisdom is that:

#1 they had a enough faith and belief in themselves to go for it, 

#2 they took the necessary steps to achieve that result and 
#3 they never gave up.

So much of what Marianne expresses and what my other favorite spiritual teachers express is just their own particular version of what I have to express as well. And so that is what I am doing. 

If I keep waiting for the perfect story to dawn on me, I will probably wait forever. So I am starting exactly where I am ... in expressing exactly what I'm feeling right now.


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