Friday, April 18, 2014

Back To The Garden - Part 13

Earth Day, Goddesses and Your Fabulosity

I've written about synchronicity many times in the past.  When seemingly unrelated occurrences happen, I'm always delighted and consider them "messages" or guidance that everything in my world is developing according to plan … And in Divine Order.

Well, in the past few days, I have had more Divine Confirmations then I think I've ever had before with regards to Gardens, Gardening, Gardeners, Nature,  Seeds, Planting, Blossoming ... And Mother Earth.

The Most Exciting thing to happen is that I've been named #Goddess of the #Fire in this #Earth-day issue of #Butterfly You! #magazine !!!
Celebrate Earth Day and 
Find your Fabulousity!

Self-assessment game: Discover the Goddess Within You

You are going to have tons of fun in the Earth Day Issue of the beautiful Butterfly You! digital magazine: Find your Fabulousity!”
The issue has been designed as an inspiring, fun self-assessment game for women that connects you to Earth Mother and helps you find the Goddess within you. Find out:

·        Are you a Goddess of the Earth, Flowers, Waters, Fire or Air?

·        How does your Fabulousity show up in your emotions, creativity, heart, body, mind or spirituality?

·        What is the essence of your Fabulousity?

·        What do you need to be watch for? What is the flip side of your Fabulousity?

·        What must you do to honor your Fabulousity?

Finally, meet five gorgeous Goddesses that embody these elements and are living their Fabulousity:
·        Anne Gudrun – Goddess of the Flowers
·        Susan Schanerman- Goddess of Fire
·        Cherie Roe Dirksen – Goddess of Earth
·        Cynthia Segal –Goddess of Sky
·        Maria Mar- Goddess of the Waters

Enjoy the beautiful art of four of these Goddesses, who are visual artists, and get their generous gifts.

This is a highly interactive, fun issue and the nature photography is an exquisite celebration of Earth Day.

See it now at:

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