Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back To The Garden - Part 14

Life Is A Garden

Mary Lennox may have said "The whole world is a Garden," but I'd like to suggest that Life itself can indeed be likened to a Garden.

So back to the Synchronicities … as I said yesterday, it seems like everywhere I turned, I was receiving messages referring to my “Garden” theme in one way or another. 

Here are the two emails that started my juices flowing: 

Kellie Keucha is a woman I new quite well from when I lived in Florida. I received this from her on Thursday 4.17.14 ... The subject line was Sow and Grow Rich ... 

"The gifts you sow into the world must be greater than what you are asking for in return. If your business is not helpful, and you struggle with your finances, it's time to do a check in to see how many seeds you have been selling. You can't wait until the day you have enough to sow, you have to sow now with faith and ask God to bless your seeds and multiply them."  

Then I heard from Mike Robbins, a man I interviewed on my Radio Show in 2006 ... In his newsletter, he made the suggestion that we remember to "Take time to 'watch more sunsets' …"

The emails I received from Etsy this week used the following headings ... 

Growing Roots 

Beauty in Bloom 
Let Love Bloom 

I found the following quotes from Unity's Daily Word especially relevant:  


"the seed of new possibilities has been planted in me. I blossom in every area of my life. I am happy joyous and free! My freedom grows as I trust in my God-given power … In springtime all is made new …"   


"Now there was a garden in the place where he was crucified, and in the garden there was a new tomb in which no one had ever been laid." John 19:41 

Another thing that began this week and just happens to be fitting in with my theme is the 21-day Meditation Experience I’m doing again with Deepak & Oprah. I think this is the 4th or 5th such program they're doing and I’ve done all of them. Their theme this time is Finding Your Flow

I received an email from them today which talked about Spring being underway … “a time for new beginnings, growth and abundant flow. What a perfect moment to reflect and witness the sprouts that may be emerging from the seeds you planted during the last week …You are stepping into a new season of your life …” 

Each day's experience includes a short discussion by Oprah and then Deepak on the Theme for the Day with a Centering Thought … then Deepak gives the Mantra for that day and leads us into meditation. 

I’ve often had the experience of seeing a picture in my mind while meditating … Day 1 on Monday, April 14 was one such occasion … This is what I saw.
Each day’s meditation includes a picture and sometimes they’re so beautiful, I just have to try to draw or paint them. Here’s my impression of the picture from Thursday.   

I can't explain WHY I feel this compulsion to share all of these references to Nature ... All I do know is that I Must ... If there is a meaning or some kind of understanding ... maybe it will become clear in time ... or Not!

I think I’ll end for today with the following quote which comes from the book From Survival to Recovery published by The Al-Anon Family Groups

"Looking back today with gratitude reveals my background as a rich garden of human possibility, just waiting for the gardener with the right wheelbarrow full of tools… The 12 Steps." Page 201

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