Monday, April 21, 2014

Back To The Garden - Part 15

Lush Rainforests
While there certainly are vast differences between Gardens and Rainforests ... They're certainly both examples of the magnificent variety of the Divine in Expression on this lovely planet or ours.

When the title Lush Rainforests caught my eye ... I had to check them out ... and once I saw them I had to share them. I also saw something that described them as 50 Shades of Green ... I thought that was funny ...

"These beautiful green wonderlands all get over 160 inches of rainfall per year. In a rainforest, the precipitation and other weather conditions combine to make a nourishing environment for many plants and wildlife as well as just the right shades for spectacular photography. Here are some of the world's loveliest rainforests, seen through a camera lens." - From  Photo editing by Lia Pepe.

Another thing to remember about rainforests is that they play an important role in Earth's delicate ecological balance ... and like every other living species on the planet play a part that only they can play. 

This photo made me think of the drawing I did the other day of the butterfly and the flower.
Butterfly in the rainforest of Iriomote Island, Yaeyama Islands, Japan
 View of the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee

To watch the slideshow of all 26 photos CLICK HERE

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