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Back To The Garden - Part 2

Yesterday's Daily Word (July 18, 2003) was another prompt for me to get Back To The Garden. It talked about planting Seeds of Faith that will produce visible results in the future ... in the same way one would plant a Garden.  

The Seeds of Faith are explained as the thoughts, words and actions that demonstrate our firm conviction in the good that God is continually unfolding in our lives. 

Before the planting, however, must come preparing the soil, tilling and weeding out any thoughts of worry or fear so that we can replace them with ideas that support our Faith and Trust.

It ended with the idea that as we continually and lavishly plant seeds of Faith, we will enjoy a never-ending harvest of Blessings. See what I mean about the Garden analogies? I'm not really sure why this is, but I suppose they’re images we all can easily understand.

We can take the idea still further and consider the need for patience to allow the Seeds necessary time in the darkness, absorbing the nutrients from the soil and then showing the first stirrings of germination.

"Being enlightened is like ... planting a seedling and watching it grow" as the lyrics go in a favorite Rascals tune.

And so, we too, go through the same identical process as Seeds of the Divine.

Back to the Garden ... the image and essence that I get from the primordial Garden is one of perfection ... great beauty ... purity ... abundance ... innocence ... unconditional love ... and oneness between spirit and matter, human and divine.

Back at some point in the 1980s when I was channeling what I refer to as "poetry" I received one that I entitled ...

the moon and stars
the earth and sky
all perfect aspects of God's creation

But so is Man, 

greater and more perfect
then he could ever imagine.

God knew all along
the Garden of Eden

was just the test
to see if we would pass
or fail

Most men have failed for long time
it was all fake

we've been perfect all along.

That sort of sums it up ... at least from the way I see it. It really does seem to me that it makes great material for a great tragic comedy or comedic tragedy … you choose. All you have to do is look at the world in which we live and see how far off the track the human race has gotten. I choose to believe that it's Not a great cosmic joke ... But I do believe that it makes for a great story. 

Maybe it goes like this, Once Upon A Time … all was beautiful … all was good … all was love … Perfection reigned in the great Garden. But in order for Man to truly reflect having been created in the image of the Universal Creator, he would also have to have the power of Creation ... of Choice ... of Free-Will
And so here's where the story actually gets a bit more interesting and confusing. As the story goes, God said Not to eat from Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

So then why place it there in the first place? 

God would never have provided Man with Free-Will if he were not allowed to use it ... And I think God had to have placed the tree there knowing full well that Eve would choose to bite the Apple … It was too luscious to pass up.

I suppose you could say that God gave Man Free-Will with the Choice to do Good or Evil. The temptation and ultimate choice to eat the Apple when specifically told Not to … is considered the first example of Man’s choice to Sin.

But if you look up the word Sin ... you'll see it’s derived from the Greek root word "hamartano" which historically was an archer's term that means “To miss the mark.” 

When examined further, "hamartano" meant more than just missing the bulls eye ... it described missing the mark and being disqualified from sharing in a prize. It was 'miss and you're out' or "Failure With Consequences." 

And so, the way I see it, in this great tale … the Apple didn’t represent Evil … it was more like a Poison … that caused Man to succumb to a Great Sleep

A sleep that caused Man to forget the Truth … The reality of his Divinity. And perhaps, because he responded to the situation with such a strong sense of wrongdoing ... he actually projected those feelings onto God and so imagined being cast out of the Garden.

Personally, I see it as more like Sleeping Beauty … We’ve been asleep for a long, long time. And like the Prince's kiss …

Our awakening can only come from the realization of the Truth of the eternality and unconditionality of God's Love ... the reawakening to the Truth of who we are ... Why we are here ... And what life on this Garden-like planet is really all about.

P. S. Here's another interesting note, New Jersey my home state, is called the Garden State

To Be Continued

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