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Back To The Garden - Part 3

The Nature of Nature 
July 30, 2003

"Slow me down, Lord, and inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of life's enduring values that I may grow toward the stars of my greater destiny." - Cardinal Cushing of Boston.

Once again, the analogy is used here of Man's spiritual development and evolution in that same way as the process occurring in Nature.

Since I have such a fascination with the meaning of things and how and why words become what they become, I looked up Nature in the dictionary …

Here’s what I found:


L. natura < natus, born, produced


1. the essential character of a thing; the quality or qualities that make something what it is; essence.  

2. inborn character; innate disposition; inherent tendencies of a person.

3. the vital functions, forces and activities of the organs.

4. kind; sort; type; things of that nature.

5. any or all of the instincts, desires, appetites, drives of a person.


6. the sum total of all things in time and space; the entire physical universe.

7. the power, force, principle, etc. that seems to regulate this: often personified.


8. the primitive state of man.

9. natural scenery, including the plants and animals that are part of it.

Don’t you find it interesting that a single word can have so many variations in meaning?

I find it awfully curious that Man’s Essence or Inborn Character And Natural Scenery, including the plants and animals And the Power, Force, Principle that seems to regulate it … are all definitions of the same word … Nature.

Ver-r-r-r-y interesting,” as Arte Johnson used to say.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that all of these definitions of Nature only serve to support what I’m trying to express ... which is that Nature and the Essence of Man are really one and the same … And that Man and Nature and the Entire Physical Universe are One ... all integral to Life on the planet ... 

And just as the Seed of a plant contains within it the Inherent Potential of that plant …(the Seed or the Source of the fully mature Flower or Fruit) … So does Man contain within himself, the Seed of the fully Divine Cosmic Being he truly is.

To Be Continued


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