Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back To The Garden - Part 6

The Nature of Talent  cont'd

I said in my last post I would tell you where the Seed that blossomed into this theme originated … First, the question ... Why is it that some people have so much Talent and such diverse Talents?

The original Case in Point:

I wrote about Robert Downey Jr. a few weeks ago. I shared a heart-warming story where he displayed an amazing example of his humanity.

I think he is a great acting Talent. He can do drama as well as comedy … and if his Oscar-nominated role as Chaplin is any indication … this guy can act even in the midst of a major alcohol and drug addiction. 

But that seems to have only scratched the surface of his Talents ... He plays piano and drums ... dances ... writes ... He cut a solo CD AND did the cover art ...

And today, I discovered a Youtube video of him singing with Sting ... I think he's terrific !!!
But wait ... There's More ...If all this hasn't been enough to totally blow your mind ... I found a Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) Top 10 Moments ... What a treat!!

In my humble opinion ... this man is an Uber-Talent or maybe it's that he's Uber-Gifted ...

More To Come

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