Saturday, April 12, 2014

Back To The Garden - Part 9

A Garden Has The Answers

I just found another piece of writing I did a long time ago … I found it in an old Back To The Garden file. I felt guided to share it with you today. 

In 1996, I was introduced to a book that literally changed my life … or maybe I should say that it “Planted a Seed that has been flowering and blossoming” ever since. 

The book was The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron … and if you’re not familiar with it … you MUST, MUST, MUST get it ... Now!! 

Part of the practice it recommends is to write 3 pages of uninterrupted, free-flowing “whatever” every morning immediately after waking ... the primary objective of which was to bypass our inner censor. 

I wrote those pages faithfully for many, many years … and as Cameron suggested they often acted as a meditation … When something particular was on my mind, I would ask a question … get very quiet … and listen for an answer.  

Have you ever had a conversation with your Higher Self? The following is one of those conversations. It was dated 2/1/1996.

What am I here to do?  

Tell a story 
Tell my story
What am I here to be?  

Be a shining model 
Be a shining light 
What am I here to have?  

All the love and abundance god 
Has for each and every one of HIS Children 
Back To The Garden 
What does it mean?  

A return to innocence 
A return to truth
A return to childhood and purity
A return to a time 
Of total knowing 
Of total being 

Why a garden?  

A garden is a place of pure beauty 
A place of birth 
A place of blossoming 
A place of life 
A place of safety 
How do I get there?

By remembering

Remembering what?

Remembering the truth 

What truth?

The truth of who we are
And where we came from
An awakening from a deep sleep
That has befallen mankind
Its as if we are living a dream
And are unaware that we are dreaming

How do we awaken if we don’t know we are asleep?

It is already happening ... automatically.

So what do we need to do?

Pay attention to the subtleties
The silent messages
Watch and listen
The time has come
The time is now 

How can we make it easier to facilitate the process?

Stay as quiet as possible
Spend time with nature
Spend time with god
Surround yourself with beauty
Look for joy
Open your heart
Take a moment
Take a breath
Feel the movement of energy
In and out
Back and forth
Just as everything in god’s universe breathes---
Vibrates with the flow of energy

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