Monday, December 7, 2015

More on the Myth of disABILITY

Really interesting article discussing Physical Disability and Engineering of Environments.

Made me reflect back to my posts called The disABILITY Myth on 1/18/14 and 1/20/14.

                    An athlete with a prosthetic leg in trains for the paralympics. 


Friday, December 4, 2015

For The Very First Time . . . Introducing . . .

Lots of Firsts happening this week . . . The sale of a Tote Bag the other day . . . And Now I'd Like To Introduce . . . For The Very First Time . . . The Susan Schanerman heARTmatters Slide Show . . . Featuring A Selection Of 96 Unique Pieces of heART . . . For Your Viewing Pleasure . . .ENJOY !!
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The First of Many More to Come


Recently Sold - November 23rd, 2015

Susan Schanerman sold a Tote Bag 18" x 18" of Back To The Garden to a buyer from Pompano Beach, FL.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gratitude In A Whole New Way

I have to be honest here and admit that I've been feeling guilty that I haven't 
1. Posted anything for a week or so and 
2. I haven't written anything about Gratitude this year like I've done so many years in the past . .

Maybe I'm not feeling so Grateful this year . . Hmmmm . . I'd better reflect on that for a while ..

I have been surprised to see articles on Gratitude coming from what I would consider unlikely places . . . For example, I found two articles in Fast Company . . One was entitled The Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

The surprised part is not the articles themselves . . . I've been studying and writing about those ideas for years . . . maybe decades . . . But to see them in a publication known for Business and Innovation . . . The cutting-edge of things gave me pause . . . for a moment of Gratitude, maybe.

I discovered a third article in

Artist Celebrates 26 Days of Gratitude with Charming Illustrations 
Artist Celebrates 26 Days of Gratitude with Charming Illustrations
The designs come from sort_o_sick studios "I put the ill in illustration." The entire collection is posted on Instagram I thought they were pretty funny, quirky and gave expressing Gratitude a whole new twist.

Go take a look . . . I bet at least one will make you laugh . . .  

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Culture At The heART Of Things

Chronology of extremist attacks on art

"Culture is the heart of a society and often a preferred target of extremists who want to squelch a people's lust for life. In Paris, the Bataclan was a symbol of musical enjoyment. DW looks at other attacks on culture . . . "



When I saw this headline and began to read the article, I was reminded of an article I wrote years ago the referred to some of the same issues.

My article was entitled Courage to Create and was written in June 2008 but the most relevant thing was the following written by Matt Schudel, Arts Writer for the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

"Artists go where others fear to tread. 'It's the artists who find ways to express what the rest of us feel but cannot say or even imagine. If you ever wondered what artists are good for, this is it: they make us fuller and better human beings . . . Art answers a basic need to find meaning in our lives . . . Words, images and music can move the soul, and when souls are stirred mighty things can happen . . . Art speaks of freedom, risk and the triumph of the individual.' "

The DW article goes on to describe 10 additional events spanning almost 30 years, in which extremists have attacked the Culture in Society all around the world. 

I can't seem to find the name of the author of the DW article . . . and for those of you, like myself that is unfamiliar with DW . . . Deutsche Welle  (DW) is Germany's international broadcaster . . . They describe their Mission as follows:

DW conveys Germany as a nation rooted in European culture and as a liberal, democratic state based on the rule of law. DW is known for its in-depth, reliable news and information and promotes exchange and understanding between the world’s cultures and people . . . "


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