Saturday, August 29, 2015

heARTmatters on Zazzle

I've been working for some time on expanding my heARTwork. Most of you know that I've been posting prints and originals on my heARTmattersAndMore Etsy Shop for several years now. 

I then took some of the designs and used the technology from Zazzle and applied my heARTwork to all types of different merchandise. 

I've recently decided to pick a handful of items that I especially like and concentrate on posting them with my newest heARTwork. Here's what I completed today:
Funky Flowers Original Art Spiral Journal
Funky Flowers Original Art Spiral Journal by heARTmatters
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What An Amazing World !

There certainly are no limits to the creative lengths Nature will go to astound . . . Some of these wonders are so bizarre that one has to ask if they indeed are real.

Click on the Be Amazed link below and be taken to a series of photos that may just challenge your beliefs . . . while at the same time open your mind to the absolute wonder of this planet on which we live . . .

"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." - - Socrates

In Morocco, goats climb up argan trees in order to eat their fruit. The site is not uncommon to locals, but travellers are often shocked to see the bizarre phenomenon.
In Morocco, goats climb up Argan trees in order to eat its fruit. 


Sunday, August 23, 2015

More 'Treasures on Etsy

More exciting activity at the Wonderful World of Etsy. My work has been included in another four Treasury collections.

Unique Items from Artisans of Etsy was curated by Helen from LocallySewnTextiles. She chose my Collage Poster entitled "Playing for Keeps."

Vintage and Handmade was curated by Bojana Slovic  from HandmadeBNMB.  She featured my watercolor painting "Shine."

Promo Place Team Treasury was created by Adriana Ferreira from Driworks. She included my watercolor painting "Celebration of Spring."

Green Green was curated by Sweetly ART from SweetlyART. My original marker print "Garden of Love" was featured.

Be sure to visit heARTmattersAndMore at Etsy for more of my work. 


Friday, August 21, 2015

Treasures from Etsy

I can barely contain myself !!!  Today, alone, I have been included in 4 more Treasury Collections on Etsy . . . 

It's particularly interesting to me to observe the uniqueness and diversity of each curator . . The range of the choices for each Treasury collection, as well as, the individuality of each of their Etsy shops.

I invite you to visit the collections and the individual shops for some major creative inspiration!!

Daniela of Italic Art   Christmas Gifts  features my Original Marker Print - - Monet's "Parc Monceau"
Coco from Chez Violette  Autumn features my Original Watercolor Painting - "Celebrate"

Laura Young of Magnolia Lily  Soft and Gentle features my Original Marker Drawing - "Mind at War"
                                               Original Marker Drawing  -  "Mind at War"

Amy Berryman from Plastic Pink Flamingos  Puffins, Snakes and Cats, Oh My
features my Original Marker Print - - Monet's "Parc Monceau"
(See above)

Please be sure to visit my shop on Etsy heARTmattersAndMore

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's Really All About the Green

 Hurray !~~ 

One of my Doodle Drawings - - Dancing with Nature - - has just been included in another Treasury collection on Etsy - - - "It's Really All About the Green"

Thanks so much to Nancy Mann of SoStrungOutJewelry !!

You can find my entire collection of work at heARTmattersAndMore.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Color Your Way to Happiness

Coloring for adults has taken off like wildfire in the last few years. "Not only is it calming and good for your health, it's just fun! The demand is increasing exponentially as the word spreads,” says Matthew Lore of The Experiment publishing group.

Play or Pay was initially created as a guidebook offering 77 fun-filled ideas to inspire and motivate you to a more “play-full” approach to life . . . and a lot more FUN!

Now with the increased popularity of coloring books for adults, it seemed a perfect opportunity to use the book in a whole new way. The black and white whimsical illustrations by Theresa Burns-Maler, are a perfect canvas for some creative expression.

Coloring can be viewed as a form of mindfulness . . . creating a Zen-like atmosphere. It's an ideal opportunity to unplug and zone-out and in so doing, provide comfort, relieve stress, help you to relax and actually life your mood.

It will help unlock your imagination, increase your ability to focus, and forget, if only for a little while, the concerns of life . . .

Visit heARTmattersAndMore at Etsy and get your copy today . . . 


Friday, August 14, 2015

Here . . . There . . . And Everywhere


A huge THANK YOU goes out to fellow Etsy-ite Chrystina of ChicAvantGarde for including my Collage Poster entitled Here ... There ... And Everywhere in her most recent Treasury Collection . . . interestingly enough, also entitled Here ... There ... And Everywhere !!

Please take a moment and visit ChicAvantGarde where you'll find an amazing array of very cool items!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's Never Too Late to Create

More than a year has passed since I last wrote a post . . . Maybe I'll share about what transpired and what changes occurred at some point in the future. 

In the meantime, what I can say is that it seemed as though my creative energy got switched off . . . and it's taken this long to get it turned back on. I did begin drawing again a few weeks ago and I also started to work on my Etsy and Zazzle Shops.

The ultimate spark that launched me back to the page was an email I received earlier from The Heart of Innovation which is the name of the blog put out by Idea Champions. I can't remember how I ever discovered them but I know it was years ago . . . and I just Love everything they put out! I've shared their posts here many times in the past. 

When I saw the title of today's post, though, I just about flipped . . . for years now I have been musing about the theme of "Late Bloomers - It's Never Too Late to Create." 

I did some research, collected a bunch of articles . . . and then stopped. It's clear to me that while I've had many instances of stopping . . . the world keeps moving . . . and so Creativity Late in Life and Gene Cohen's The Creative Age.

My work may still be sitting in a file folder but at least I've been motivated to write this post and share some really cool information with you. 

Click on the link below the picture for a terrific slide show . . . Be inspired . . .