Sunday, August 16, 2015

Color Your Way to Happiness

Coloring for adults has taken off like wildfire in the last few years. "Not only is it calming and good for your health, it's just fun! The demand is increasing exponentially as the word spreads,” says Matthew Lore of The Experiment publishing group.

Play or Pay was initially created as a guidebook offering 77 fun-filled ideas to inspire and motivate you to a more “play-full” approach to life . . . and a lot more FUN!

Now with the increased popularity of coloring books for adults, it seemed a perfect opportunity to use the book in a whole new way. The black and white whimsical illustrations by Theresa Burns-Maler, are a perfect canvas for some creative expression.

Coloring can be viewed as a form of mindfulness . . . creating a Zen-like atmosphere. It's an ideal opportunity to unplug and zone-out and in so doing, provide comfort, relieve stress, help you to relax and actually life your mood.

It will help unlock your imagination, increase your ability to focus, and forget, if only for a little while, the concerns of life . . .

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