Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's Never Too Late to Create

More than a year has passed since I last wrote a post . . . Maybe I'll share about what transpired and what changes occurred at some point in the future. 

In the meantime, what I can say is that it seemed as though my creative energy got switched off . . . and it's taken this long to get it turned back on. I did begin drawing again a few weeks ago and I also started to work on my Etsy and Zazzle Shops.

The ultimate spark that launched me back to the page was an email I received earlier from The Heart of Innovation which is the name of the blog put out by Idea Champions. I can't remember how I ever discovered them but I know it was years ago . . . and I just Love everything they put out! I've shared their posts here many times in the past. 

When I saw the title of today's post, though, I just about flipped . . . for years now I have been musing about the theme of "Late Bloomers - It's Never Too Late to Create." 

I did some research, collected a bunch of articles . . . and then stopped. It's clear to me that while I've had many instances of stopping . . . the world keeps moving . . . and so Creativity Late in Life and Gene Cohen's The Creative Age.

My work may still be sitting in a file folder but at least I've been motivated to write this post and share some really cool information with you. 

Click on the link below the picture for a terrific slide show . . . Be inspired . . .


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