Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gratitude In A Whole New Way

I have to be honest here and admit that I've been feeling guilty that I haven't 
1. Posted anything for a week or so and 
2. I haven't written anything about Gratitude this year like I've done so many years in the past . .

Maybe I'm not feeling so Grateful this year . . Hmmmm . . I'd better reflect on that for a while ..

I have been surprised to see articles on Gratitude coming from what I would consider unlikely places . . . For example, I found two articles in Fast Company . . One was entitled The Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

The surprised part is not the articles themselves . . . I've been studying and writing about those ideas for years . . . maybe decades . . . But to see them in a publication known for Business and Innovation . . . The cutting-edge of things gave me pause . . . for a moment of Gratitude, maybe.

I discovered a third article in

Artist Celebrates 26 Days of Gratitude with Charming Illustrations 
Artist Celebrates 26 Days of Gratitude with Charming Illustrations
The designs come from sort_o_sick studios "I put the ill in illustration." The entire collection is posted on Instagram I thought they were pretty funny, quirky and gave expressing Gratitude a whole new twist.

Go take a look . . . I bet at least one will make you laugh . . .  

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