Friday, May 27, 2016

Flower Power

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." ~ Gerard de Nerval
It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt compelled to express myself in writing . . . but today seems to be one of those days . . . and it’s clear to me that it’s the culmination of a number of preceding events.

Almost every day this week, I have seen photographs of some of the most unusual and magnificent Flowers come through my Facebook Feed. They all originate from a Page called Earth Laughs in Flowers. That fact, in turn, prompted me to post some of my Flower Drawings.
Then, as I began my meditational readings this morning no less than 3 different pages used the Flower as an analogy for Spiritual development.

The first one talked about how Flowers follow the motion the Sun to find the light they need to grow. So, too, we each must follow the illuminating power of Spirit, so that we can Blossom into our full Magnificence.

The next talked about Flowers needing strong Roots and deep Grounding, from which they can send their shoots upward to be the Buds and then Blossoms that provide such Beauty and Happiness to the world.

So, too, our lives cannot Blossom or Flower into their full potential if not rooted in strong faith and the security of knowing of the inherent Goodness and Purpose of the Universe.

The third reading used a Bouquet of Flowers as its starting point. It spoke of the aromatic fragrance of the open blooms and the uncertainty of whether the closed buds would ever open or not.

Any bouquet is made up of many individual blooms. Each may vary by size and shape and color. Together they reveal a Masterpiece of Divinity and Beauty.

As individual and unique Blooms in the Bouquet of Humanity, We each have the Opportunity and Responsibility to Open to our Fullest and be the most Colorful, Fragrant and Beautiful Blossoms we can possibly be.

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